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Captured in a daily grind we often can’t look out over our horizon.
We don’t share our own opinions and true feelings.
Because we got use to be just a marionette of our society.

For pure living and the true reality, we need to focus again on our awareness.

Start to be more present. Look inside of you. Allow true feelings and opinions. Look around you. Register the created environment.
Meditate for more clearness and awareness.


Start Doing Things You Love

Already in childhood we learned from our society and invironment what we have to do and what not.

Or sometimes we run in one direction without stopping, holding and review.
If this was really the right way, the way we WANT to go – not HAVE to go.

Occasionally its important  to stop. Look back. Listen inside your body. And follow your heart. Not “Have-to’s“.

If you follow your heart and just start doing things you love, that will give you the most power and the basis for a happier and easier life.