#06 Bangalore Green & Tech

Bangalore Green & Tech.I got a cold. It is very cold here at night (under 10 degrees). I didn’t expect that. But lets check out Bangalore in the next days.

Bangalore is one of the most popular cities for tourists in India. Its named on the one hand as the “Garden City”, because it has a lot of green parks inside, lakes and nature areas which provides calm rest in this hectic city.

On the other hand Bangalore also known as the “silicon valley of India”, and has become famous for its information technology development, not just in India but also in other countries of the world.

All big name international companies are located here: Intel, Vodafone, Sony, Microsoft, JP Morgan, and so on. They stay in closed and secured „Tech Villages“. Where you hardly  get in without a permission.

The city has in interesting mix of people, and is a very traveler friendly place.
Today, the city continues to grow as number of people visiting the place increases over the years.
Amount of citizens: With population more than 8,4 million Bangalore is the third biggest city of India after Mumbai and Delhi.
The main language is English, because of the international business & tourists.

# Lessons Learned today:
Great ideas are incepted in your heart and rising in your mind . Follow your heart, connect to the right people you need for it and work on to make this IDEA BIG!


#05 Osho Meditation Resort – Part II

Osho Mediation Resort Part II:Today I had a very intense day with a lot of different moods and feeling. During the heart mediation, I connected with my heart. I had to cry -just felt compassion, surrender and love – to the people, to the world, to myself. After that we celebrated and danced at the Buddahs Groove outdoor platform. Just dancing in the sun. I really love dancing in the sun. I could do that the whole day long. Would there be a job that is called the „sun dancer“ I would be a master of it. In the afternoon we celebrated a death ceremony, which is similar to a funeral.Just  here you celebrate it with joy, dancing and fun. In the western way everybody is sad and crying during this ceremony. Here we won’t like to have an ending where everyone is crying. Come together, laugh, dance and sing, is the philosophy. After we paraded to the river with drum music and fireworks , where we burned down his body and through his ashes into the river.  The second time I started to cry today. Life is short.

We should always be aware of our time and spend it with things and people we love. Don’t waste your time on unessential things.

In the evening I took a domestic flight to Bangalore, where I arrived around 2 a.m. Long day and short night. Back in the role of „traveler as a business“.

# Lesson learned today:

Start to make unconsciousness into consciousness. Control your mind, being more aware, reduce stuffing your head with unnecessary thoughts. Be always present and do everything consciously.

„And slowly, slowly, as awareness grows your whole personality starts changing. From unawareness to awareness it is the greatest quantum leap.“ (Osho)

#04: Osho Mediation Resort

Osho Mediation Resort:Osho was an Indian philosophy professor and later on a Guru for many people – specially in the west. His followers are also called Sanyassin.                                                                                                                                            He was a great speaker and teacher in meditation and found a way to explain the eastern philosophy to the western society.  He was killed in the 90s. Still today they offer different meditations from early morning to late evening. My mum was Sanyassin. So I was growing up with that stuff.          Thats why I had more than ever the feeling, like  I have to step in mums footstep and follow her way to understand where I am coming from, and how I adapt and understand it today in comparison to my earliest years in my childhood.

Task for the day: WHO AM I? I got this today from the others: I am an angel (my name), I am a strong independent person, I am a rebel, I am crazy (traveling alone).

# Lesson Learned today:

Indian is a country which might be poor, but its the richest country in spirituality. It concerns the highest value of consciousness. If you want to meet the country and learn, you have to go with open eyes and connect to the people.

#03: Goodbye Mumbai – hello Pune

Goodbye Mumbai – hello Pune. 

Today I took an early trip from Mumbai to Pune, also called Poona. Enough loud and crowd area. Because I didn’t get any train, I had to take  local bus from Mumbai to Pune. Took me around 4 hours. And I was’t just the only European person there, I also was the only woman there.  Never the less I had a nice conversation and a comfortable trip.

In Pune I will visit Osho meditation resort for the next 2 days.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Today I was just there to register and to make an aids test, which you need to get in.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I stay here at the beautiful apartment with Kanika and Mitesh, a very smart indian couple, which are moving to the US in one month.

# Lessons Learned today:

It’s totally fine, to be a rebel in my age. It’s the time of finding yourself. Breaking the order and normality of your current lifestyle and society. YEAAAAAAARRRH!

#02: Culture shock Mumbai

India, Mumbai:Mumbai, officially named Bombay until 1995, is the financial capital of India and the home of India’s Bollywood film industry. Also called India’s “maximum city”, Mumbai is known for its extreme standards of living, fast paced lifestyle, and the making (or breaking) of dreams. It’s a cosmopolitan and increasingly westernized city that’s an important base for industry and foreign trade.

Its very crowded, dusty and dirty and loud. If you want to cross a street, you have to fight for life and you always have to be aware of their price system and dealing, because everyone is trying to cheat you.

…Well, not everybody. I met so kind and nice people, which helped me, guided me, bought me tickets, food,  just to be sure I am fine and well treated in India.

# Lessons learned today:
India is bigger than I expected.
Everything needs longer than I planned. So take more time! Plan with more buffer.

#01: Stopover Dubai. The 4-week-habit plan

Dubai Airport:  After 2 hours of sleep. Awake at the Dubai airport. Time to make a plan.

The 4 weeks habit plan. Idea: Choose maximal 3 habits you don’t like in yourself and change them into good ones or choose a good habit that you like to become a habit. Bit these “good habits” should stay achievable. By doing things consciously and regularly, you can change your bad habits or non available habits into good habits in 4 weeks. Write it down and start tomorrow.

Here my 4-week-habit plan:
1. Smoking, when drinking (probably learn drinking without smoking)
2. First thing I do in the morning after wake up: Coffee & Laptop – Change into meditation & Yoga every morning first. Especially mediation, It is what I need to ease my confused mind.
3. Today we are all focused on ourselves and even me sometimes, more selfish than unselfish. Collect more positive karma and make every day someone smile. Its all about giving and receiving in life.
# Lessons learned today: Buy a power supply adaptor for Dubai to work if I have to stay here more than 1-2 hours at the airport


#00 What’s all about?

Why do I start this blog?

  • Someone recommend to me when to write a blog. I felt lazy, so I decided to make a video. But my video files get corrupted during the flight. So I had to switch spontaneously to a written blog.

Why I am doing this blog?

  • Actually I’m feeling lost and confused, about my life and what to do next.
  • That sounds to you maybe negative in a kind of way. But it isn’t. Being lost is an opportunity to change your course, find yourself, figure out what you really want and in the end find more happiness in life.
  • India! This country is my first stop
  • Follow my journey through life and lets try to understand and learn about life together
  • I am just a student of life
  • I am struggling, falling, standing up, loosing, winning, starting new…but actually: I AM DOING.
  • I will share with you my deepest feelings, tips, advises and experiences.
  • Objective of this journey: find what I am seeking, learn about life, learn about India.

Some of my most important travel equipments:

  • Flapjacks (from HAFERVOLL. Best flapjacks ever. without additives)
  • GoPro (for my video documentation)
  • Yogamat (for Yoga everywhere)
  • Laptop (working on private and business things)
  • Diving license (just my computer and logbook)
  • Visual facilitation book & notepad
  • Scribble diary

Mumbai after tiered travel period