#LYL, #Liveyourlife

About ME

I am a rebell
I am a pirate
I am a warrior
I am a lover
I am a daughter
I am a sister
I am a workaholic
I am a change maker
I am a harmony lover
I am a party girl
I am a traveller
I am a host
I am a guest
I am lifestyle nerd
I am a digital nomad
I am a yogini
I am a nature lover
I am a cosmopolitan

…because: I AM what I AM!

I am not perfect
I fall
I failure
I get up
I love
I laugh
I live
I try
I do
I make
I breath

…because I SIMPLY BE!


As a freelancer and free thinker, I am following different projects and aims in my life.

On the one hand my main profession is marketing. I did a lot of different projects in marketing: event management, promotions, trade marketing, B2B marketing, trade fairs, online marketing, social media marketing, blogging, and so on.
I like to help people to place their products, brands and companies in a comfortable position in their markets.

On the other hand, as a yoga treacher and life coach I like to inspire people and share my experience about how to change your life and change your thoughts, habits and kind of thinking – to become in the end, a happier person and getting more fun to enjoy ever minute of your life on this beautiful planet.

In my free time a am a traveller, skechnoter, sport woman, party girl, yogini, vegan cook and many more…
Everyday I learn new sites of life and even of me.
So follow my blog and be part of it and capture from it, what helps you in life to live it in high quality.

Love, Supi


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