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Detox lifestyle: recipes and diet tips


Acid Base Balance
I try to keep my acid-base balance, since I had an overacidification two years ago, after a time where I had my second small burnout.
My first one, was from working too much, but my second was caused by a mixture of too much work and too much leisure stress.
So my doctor recommended me to make a detox diet to clean my body and reduce the stress by slowing down. Because not just nutrition can cause an overacidification, also stress produce it.

Today we are totally overacidificated, by stress, nutrition, chemical in our environment.
That can cause a lot of decease. For example cancer is based on a toxid body, where it can grow. By avoiding it your chance to get cancer is very low.

For two years now, I was including a detox nutrition in my daily life. And my body feels healthier, lighter and younger than before today.
I made a test and pissed on a stripe. And as you can see, it’s all in the “blue area”. 😉



Recipe: cranberry sunflower seed snack

A very easy and tasty snack for guests and snack between are roasted sunflower seeds cranberry mix with an oriental taste.

1/2 cup of sunflower seeds
1/4 cup of dried cranberries
1 tbs walnut oil
1 tbs agave syrup
A touch of salt
A touch of curry powder
A touch of cardamom 

Put some oil in a pan.
Add the sunflower seeds and roast it until it slightly brown.
Add cranberries and agave syrup and roast it for another minute,
Than add all other spices and roast it another 1-2 minutes.

Than it’s done! 
Let it cool down and serve it in small bowls.


Recipe: Healthy asparagus salad

Asparagus time. Summer time.
Time to test this easy to prepare, but very delicious salad.

– 500gr green asparagus

– 1 tsp walnut oil

– 1 tsp olive oil

– hand full parsley 

– hand full chives

– Salt 

– pepper

– 1 tsp organic agaves syrup

– 2 clove garlic

– 2 onion

– a few green salad leaves

– 3-4 small tomatoes

– cut and fry onions, garlic in a pan with a good glug of walnut and olive oil
– cut asparagus in little thumb long pieces and put them in the pan as well
– add salt, pepper, chopped parsley and chives, agaves syrup and fry until the a asparagus is cooked through
– put some salad leaves on a plate, 
– cut the tomatoes into slices and decorate them around the plate.
– Put the fried asparagus into the middle  -voila! 🙂

You can add some balsamic cream on top for special fast an Optik