Did you hear about “Behavioral economics”? Freebies just today!

What is behavioral economics? Behavecon

“All of economics is meant to be about people’s behavior. So, what is behavioral economics, and how does it differ from the rest of economics?


Economics traditionally conceptualizes a world populated by calculating, unemotional maximizers that have been dubbed Homo economicus. The standard economic framework ignores or rules out virtually all the behavior studied by cognitive and social psychologists. This “unbehavioral” economic agent was once defended on numerous grounds: some claimed that the model was “right”; most others simply argued that the standard model was easier to formalize and practically more relevant. Behavioral economics blossomed from the realization that neither point of view was correct.

The standard economic model of human behavior includes three unrealistic traits—unbounded rationality, unbounded willpower, and unbounded selfishness—all of which behavioral economics modifies.” (Herbert Simon)


One of my friends, Jan Dominik Gungel (get.behavecon.com) published a book about this topic and I helped him to promote it. Today we have a free campaign (JUST TODAY) and you get the book for free on amazon.com.


Here you find some information, what you can change with changing your behavioral habits – especially in terms of finance and saving money:

    • Do you deserve more from your life? More quality? More riches? More time?
    • Would you like to have more money but can’t make more in your job? Also, you don’t want to work more?
    • Do you see your friends bragging about all the things they have, and you feel like you are the Jone$es’ neighbor?
    • Would you like to understand how you are being influenced and tricked into financial decisions?
    • Do you already know how to keep track of your checkbook—and you are saving money, you are working hard, but still you just don’t seem to get rich?
    • Do you have the feeling that there must be some deeper rules to your financial life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, download now the free version.



Story of: Heather Hansen

Today we want to introduce you to a wonderful, unique and open minded artist and entrepreneur: HEATHER HANSEN.

Heather is an LA, New Orleans-based artist which uses performance, her body, movement, and charcoal and pastel to create her large-scale drawings.
By moving her joints, extending her back, stretching and contracting, Heather creates drawings.
Her project ‘Emptying Gestures,’ “is an experiement in kenitect drawing.” She says, “I am searching for ways to download my movement directly onto paper, emptying gestures from one form to another and reating something new in the process.”

Heather Hansen – Emptied Gestures from Heather Hansen on Vimeo.

More information about Heather and her porjects: