How to become a nomad?

Nomad lifestyle InterviewI’ve been in Barcelona in July and met Sean from

He interviewed me for his blog about my nomad lifestyle.
We had a warm and inspiring conversation and I gave also lots of tips and tricks, how you can live a similar lifestyle and become a nomad.

We were talking about how to become a nomad, how to balance your life and many deep going insights about a nomadic life and general lifestyle tips and ideas.

Check out video on or here:

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Traveling by bus in Panama

Travelling by bus in Panama is quite easy.

There are buses going to almost all areas an places.
The main bus stations are Panama City and David. from there leaving minimum every hour buses to all areas.
For example:
  • Bus from Panama City to Bocas del Toro: There is a bus from Albrook bus station in Panama City, which takes around 9 hours
  • Bus from Panama City to Boquete: take the bus from Albrook bus station to David. from David (ca 5 hours). From David the bus to Boquete (1,5-2 hours).
  • Bus from Panama City to Las Tablas / Tonosi/ Cambutal: take the bus from Albrook bus terminal in Panama City to Las Tablas. From Las Tablas there is once a day at 1 pm a bus to Cambutal directly. Otherwise there is very hour between 6 am  – 4.30 pm a but to Tonosi ( ca. 1,5 hours). from Tonosi take the local bus to Cambutal, but which can take about another hour or take a Taxi for 15 USD for 20-30 minutes.
  • Bus from Cambutal / Tonosi/ Las Tablas to Bocas Del Toro: this is a long way and you hardly get it in one day (ca 15 hours in total), because the last ferry from Almirante to the islands leaves at around 6 p.m.: from Cambutal take the first bus at 7 am to Tonosi (ca. 1 hour). From there the bus to Chitre (eventually you have to change the bus station), which takes you around 2,5 -3 hours), from Chitre the bus to Santiago (1 hour), from Santiago to David (3,5 hours). In David you have to change the bus terminal (just a few meters next to the Santiago terminal) and take there the bus to Bocas (Almirante), which takes another 3,5 hours. From Almirante you need to take a water taxi to the islands (ca. 45 minutes to Bocas del Toro (Isla Concon)
  • In David and Panama City are also international buses to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico and to other countries in Central America. The best bus travel organisation is TICA BUS
By the way, I can highly recommend this platform, to search for public transportations.
This tool will offer you different routes by bus, train, ferry and/or airplane. It shows you all the the prices and total price of your trip and schedules of each means of transportation.

Can travelling help us to change our habits and personality?

A couple of days ago, I had a interesting and inspiring conversation with a guy also from Germany.

I met in I’m my hostel in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.
He is traveling for a few years already. Is just in its early twenties, but has an open minded ideology regarding finding hisself.
In Germany he had a lot of problems with the school system, teachers and his family.
The German perfectionism and outer pressure on “having something” instead of “being something” made him weird and enoying.
For any reason he felt like a fool, not to stay at the same level of the typical education system as there friends or people from his environment.
He had the feeling he is not exepted as a simple human being with his own ideologies and wills. You have to wear the same costume to be part of the party.
But that’s weird. Why can’t we live and be what we want? Especially today, where is a worldwide network with tones of different opportunities.
On the one hand, that depends on in which environment and society you are born and how you grown up.
On the other hand, it depends on you. You can always change it.
Lucas, the guy felt so weird and empty, because he lived a life, what was not his own life. So he started to take drugs and went out for partying, just to neutralise and calm down his inner desires.
After school he decided then to travel and travelled in the end 1,5 years before he came back home for the first time again.
This time period of traveling opend his eyes. He found out, that in other countries are other rules, habits, values and lifestyles. There is no right or wrong, it is always the perspective from where you look at your life and values.
Lucas learned that he was now able to to what he wants and nobody cared about it, he could be experimental in habits, ways of life and find out what his values and motivations in life are about. He captured all contacts to his family and friends during this time, just to make a complete reset of his current position.
It was a beginning of a journey – a journey to find hisself.
But when he came back home for the first time, where he stayed at his parents house, met the same friends from before, he suddenly fall back into the same habits.
Felt weird, as a stranger, took drugs and made party.
So after half a year he decided to travel again. He was not ready at this time to come back, he didn’t find hisself and could feel that he was not at the end of the path.
So for over one year now, he is traveling again. He saved some money before in Germany and worked a while in Canada.
Mostly he is staying 2-3 month at one place and is trying to keep his expanses as low as he can by working as a volunteer at a hostel or hotel. They offer you normally free accommodation and sometimes food for a little bit of work (mostly between 10-25 hours per week).
Lucas said, he will travel so long until he will find that way of life and motivation that makes him happy and peaceful inside.
“I am starting to get there”, he mentioned to me. “Before, I was always destroying things, was angry and very negative in my mind. Today I start to see just the beautiful things inside everything. I even get creative and my mind starts to think about, how he can create something useful out of each simple piece of nature”.
Oh my god, what a big mind shift in just 2-3 years!
Once, when he will come back to Germany, he wants to say to his parents, ” Hi, I am back. And I am what I am. And that is me.” He ment by that, to have the power and strength to stay then as he is, not to fall back into his old habits and also to be accepted as a new person by his family and friends.
And as long as he hasnt the feeling, he is ready for it, he wants to travel. Minimum the next 3-5 years.
For me it just shows me again, how important traveling on our own can be to find ourself. Especially when we have the feeling we are born into a wrong society, when we have the feeling we are strangers, when we have the feeling we are not excepted by our invironment.
If you feel the same, I can just highly recommend to go traveling.
It doesn’t have to be for years, sometimes it’s enough to travel for a few month, just to brake out of your hamster wheel or just to get new insights.
And you doesn’t need to go to many places or all over the world. You can also just stay at one place, that you enjoy – the mountains or the beach side.
And you doesn’t need to be in your early twenties. Event when you are in an older age and have a settled life, it is always possible to leave this place for a while.
Just the first steps to decide to travel and actually move are those actions, where people already stuck. Because you have to come our of your comfort zone.
You have to change something and leave your secure environment.
There is one of my favourite quotes, which I want to share with you guys. It helped me a lot to move my ass and start to change my life:
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”
Life vegins at the end of your comfort zone

6 travel tips to secure your belongings

Now, it also happened to me.

#suitcase #lost #port # travel
#suitcase #lost #port # travel

I was robbed at the port of Athens.
Early in the morning, on my way to Naxos, it even happened to me:
I wanted to buy a sandwitch before my ferry departured at 7.25 a.m. At the bakery, my suitcase behind next to me, I ordered a sandwich without meat.
They had to prepare it, because everything was with meat.
Afterwards I payed and took the sandwitch.
When I turned around, my suitcase was not there anymore.
Nervously I looked and jumped around, watched in all directions, if I probably could still see someone, running away with my luggage.
But no doubts. Just a lot of people passing the street and bakery.
And all had a black suitecase – OF COURSE!

Afterwards I spent tons of time at the police: at the harbor police at Athens, at the harbor police at Naxos, the main police at Naxos, the harbor Police of Naxos and last but not least one more time at  the harbor police of Naxos. Just to get – FINALLY my report for my health insurance.
I hope they will pay minimum something.

That experience, which I will never wish someone else,  has „hat mich veranlasst“ to highly advise some tips which I normally follow to protect your luggage for theft and loss.

1. Mark all belongings with your name and address:
Put your name and address on a batch or something, where finders of your luggage can get in contact with you or send it to your address.
Even when it’s stolen, there is still a piece of hope that the thief just took what what he was searching for (mostly small and expensive goods, as  money, watches, jewelry, etc.). And probably he has thrown away the rest of your luggage.
I have even marked my mobile phone with my address (under the case).

2. Travel with unique looking luggage
In my case, I did it completely wrong! What an idiot!.
Don’t take a suitcase in black, which owns every second person. (It was a gift, by the way. Normally I wouldn’t buy one like this.)
Buy a backpack or suitcase with a special design or color. One that looks unique, which you can find very easy and identify it as yours already from far away.
But we aware: It should look unique, but not expensive.
With expensive ones you will just provoke someone to steal it.

3. Put valuables always in your hand luggage
Never put pockets, laptops and cameras in your main luggage, when you travel.
Always in your hand luggage and take it always with you.
Especially when you are traveling alone or with unknown transportations and person.
Even when you are in a bus and need to go to toilet. Keep it with you.
That saved my life now, for example.
I just lost my suitcase, not my hand luggage, which I had as a backpack carrying with me.
Of course, I lost a lot of clothes, shoes, cosmetic, some jewelry,  etc. -maybe with a value of 1000-1500 EUR. But imagine my pocket with all my papers or my mobile phone or laptop where stolen.
I wouldn’t have an identity anymore and so much more to handle and arrange to get my normal life routine back (Ok, my laptop and mobile phone is a part of my life and my identity).
But so, its just money and probably some memories and keepsakes, which I lost.
Thanks god!

4. Be aware with back packs in big cities and crowded places.
Especially in big cities is the crime rate extreemly high.
Especially traveling with backpacks with public transportations is very dangerous.
Because it’s very easy for them to open your backpack in a crowded tram, while you can’t see anything.
That’s why I prefer bags, which I can wear on the side of my body or even in front of me. Or a belt bag around your hips, is perfect to keep it close to your body.
If you just have a backpack, turn it always to the front of your chest, when your in crowded areas.

5. Lock your luggage during your travels
If you don’t want to pay attention on your luggage all the time or just want to protect it additionally, then take a locker with you – or even more – depending on your luggage and system. Lock it always, when you have to leave it out of your presence. For example, when you go by bus or ferry, the employees of the organization put your luggage in a storage or special area e.g. on a boat. Mostly nothing happens and everything is well organized, but in the end everybody has access to it and it already happened more than often, that probably not your luggage – but content from it – was „stolen“.

6. Contract a travel insurance
Last but not least: Make sure you have a travel insurance, which pay for it, in case your luggage is however stolen.
Especially when you travel more then once or twice a year, its really with to have one.

Save travel preps, save luggage!
Take care, but enjoy traveling! 🙂

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Supi on tour – my tour dates

A lot of friends asked me for my tour dates. So I decided to put them on a list, where you can check, where I am right now or probably where you want to join in and meet somewhere.

Actually, it became a kind of diary for myself. If I need a certain time or place where I’ve been, I check it up on this page.


01.12.-11.01. Brazil (Recife, Porto de Galinhas, Jeri, Rio de Janeiro, Paraty, Sao Paulo)
13.01.-19.01. Cyprus
19.01.-02.02. Germany (Essen, Cologne)
03.02.-15.02. Goa, India
16.02.-15.05. Bali, Indonesia
15.05.-28.06. Cologne, Germany
28.06.-15.07. Arillas, Corfu, Greece



26.12.-10.01. Bali, Indonesia
10.01.-24.01. Raja Ampat, Indonesia
25.01.-03.02. Germany (Essen, Cologne, Munich)
03.02.-06.02. Davos, Switzerland
08.02.-28.02. Goa, India
28.02.-10.04. Bali, Indonesia
11.04.-18.04. Cologne, Germany
19.04.-19.05. Bali, Indonesia
29.06.-16.07. Cologne, Germany
29.06.-21.07. Corfu, Greece
21.07.-30.07. Boom Festival, Portugal
30.07.-04.08. Madrid, Spain
04.08.-16.08. Barcelona, Spain
17.08.-20.08. Freedom X Festivals, near Barcelona, Spain3
20.08.-25.08. Cologne, Germany
26.08.-02.11. Bali, Indonesia
02.11.-16.11. Cologne, Germany
16.11.-19.11. Berlin, Germany
19.11.-01.12. Nomad Cruise, Barcelona to Recife, Brazil
01.12.-11.01. Brazil (Refice, Porto de Galinhas, Jeri, Rio de Janeiro, Paraty, Sao Paulo)


26.10.-13.01. Peru (Mancora, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Ticitaca Lake, Lima, …)
13.01-17.01. New York
17.01-03.02. Cologne, Germany
04.02-05.03. Goa & Kerala, India
05.03-03.04. Bali, Indonesia
03.04-15.04. Koh Phangan, Thailand
15.04-10.06. Bali, Indonesia
10.06-29.06. Cologne, Germany
29.06-16.07. Cyclades, Greece
16.07-30.07. Barcelona, Spain
30.07-29.08. Cologne, Germany
29.08-28.09. Corfu, Greece
29.09-26.10. Cologne, Germany
26.10-26.11. Bali, Indonesia
27.11-25.12. Cologne, Germany
26.12-10.01. Bali, Indonesia


11.12.-02.02.Colombia, Tour (Bogota, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Medellin,    Amazonas etc.)
03.02. -04.02. Lima, Peru
04.02. -10.02. Rio de Janeiro, Carneval in Rio!
10.02. -26.02. Pipa, Brazil
28.03.-25.03. India
25.03.-10.06. Bali
11.06-09.07. Cologne
09.7-.1607.  Corfu, Arillas
16.07-04.08. Barcelona
04.08-09.09. Cologne
09.09-19.09. Geneva, Switzerland
20.09.-21.09. Lima, Peru
21.09-26.10. Ecuador (Galapagos Islands, Ayampe, Mompiche, Canoa)
26.10.-13.01. Peru (Mancora, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Ticitaca Lake, Lima, …)

05.01.-16.02. India
17.2. -20.2. Austria
21.2. -16.3. Sri Lanka
16.2. -14.5. Indonesia, Jakarta, Bali & tbd.
15.5.-22.5. Cologne
22.5.-04.6. Barcelona (Workaway Camp)
04.6.-14.6. Rhodos / Turkey, Yoga Cruising Retreat
14.6.-08.7. Barcelona
08.7.-10.8. Berlin
10.8.-08.9. Cologne
08.9.-16.9. Geneva, Switzerland
16.9.-02.10.Tarifa, Spain
02.10.-1.11. El Palmar, Spain
03.11.-03.12.Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
03.12.-10.12. Nosara, Costa Rica
11.12.-02.02.Colombia, Tour (Bogota, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Medellin,    Amazonas etc.)


27.09. -04.10. Turkey
04.10. -12.10. Croatia
12.10-13.10. Belgrad
13.11-23.11 Greece
23.10.-24.10. Istanbul /Turkey
24.10.-03.11. Cologne
12.-24.11 Costa Rica
24.-30.11. Nicaragua
30.11.-08.12. Guatemala
08.-10.12. Belize
10.-24.12 Mexico
25.12. -04.01. Germany

Sounds like a musician who is traveling to his gigs. 😀

Haha! No, sorry. Thats not what I am…

I am just working and travelling. But enjoy life, work on the beach, meet new people and places and an amazing abundance of new experiences.

If you close to someplace contact me. Maybe we can meet there.

Hugs & love


30 things you should do before you die

Life is short.
We often run the rat race at times and don’t see that we lost our way.
And in the end before you die you’re laying in bed and looking back on your lifetime.

At this time, you would never say to yourself

“Oh if only I had spent more time with working!”

You will think:

“Oh if only I had spend more time with my beloved ones, with laughing and loving, visiting more places, trieing more things you always wanted to.”

Here are some things you should do and change now before you die:

1. Stop trying to control your outcome.
2. Stop worrying about debt.
3. Look in the mirror and love yourself unconditionally.
4. Forgive your ex-lovers.
5. Leave the job you hate.
6. Find your purpose and live it full heartedly.
7. Adopt a furry friend.
8. Eat more consciously.
9. Trust that everything is in the right order.
10. Travel to the place you keep thinking about.
11. Try something that scares you daily.
12. Be open to change.
13. Let go of your past.
14. Stop trying to change people.
15. Stop looking for an answer outside of yourself.
16. Stop thinking you did something wrong.
17. Be your weird, crazy, beautiful self.
18. Follow your heart.
19. Risk everything for love.
20. Reject rejection.
21. See the world as a beautiful, safe, and loving place.
22. See everyone as equals.
23. Give up all attachments to stuff.
24. Recognize the journey is the reward.
25. Stay hopeful and optimistic in difficult situations.
26. Welcome all life lessons.
27. See the opportunities in every challenge rather than give up.
28. Live your values.
29. Inspire others by your own bigness.
30. Play with the world.

# 13 24h hours trip from Amritapuri to Goa

24h hours trip from Amritapuri to Goa.

Morning mediation at 6.30h at the beach or Amaritapuri, made my day. Everything that followed, was just a „skip forward“ button: 4hrs drive by taxi from Amaritapuri to Kochin. From Kochin to Goa another 22 hours. From Goa bus station to Arambol 1,5 hours. In total about 28 hours for 800 km!!The bus trip was quite heavy this time. The bus driver was more than following the rules of the Indian traffic system. I really never became see-sick on the sea in my whole life. But this time I did. The way he was driving the bus was more than an adventure. Additionally the permanent honking for saying“ Attention, I am coming!“ and the snoring man next to me, made it hard to stay a-life!. Inhale…OMMMM!

“Ok, time to work on some skills.” Although it was not easy to write and draw during this time, I started to scribble in my daily scribble book. Here some extracts, of how it looks like.

Scribble Diairy

Scribble diary

Its very useful to increase your creativity and visual thinking. I started 2-3 month ago to work on my visual thinking and visual facilitation skills. I have often ideas and concepts in my mind, but don’t know how to express them and explain it to others. Or sometimes I have to write concepts or be creative, but I just see a black cloud in my head and a whiteboard. With the techniques of visual thinking you train your listening skills, thinking in concepts and processes, and your drawing. You learn to sketch your notes, doodles, canvas, diagrams and how to structure it. And all in all: it’s fun!

# Lessons Learned today: Life is not an mp3 where you can play what you want and can forward it – but life is a radio where you have to enjoy what is played.