6 travel tips to secure your belongings

Now, it also happened to me.

#suitcase #lost #port # travel
#suitcase #lost #port # travel

I was robbed at the port of Athens.
Early in the morning, on my way to Naxos, it even happened to me:
I wanted to buy a sandwitch before my ferry departured at 7.25 a.m. At the bakery, my suitcase behind next to me, I ordered a sandwich without meat.
They had to prepare it, because everything was with meat.
Afterwards I payed and took the sandwitch.
When I turned around, my suitcase was not there anymore.
Nervously I looked and jumped around, watched in all directions, if I probably could still see someone, running away with my luggage.
But no doubts. Just a lot of people passing the street and bakery.
And all had a black suitecase – OF COURSE!

Afterwards I spent tons of time at the police: at the harbor police at Athens, at the harbor police at Naxos, the main police at Naxos, the harbor Police of Naxos and last but not least one more time at  the harbor police of Naxos. Just to get – FINALLY my report for my health insurance.
I hope they will pay minimum something.

That experience, which I will never wish someone else,  has „hat mich veranlasst“ to highly advise some tips which I normally follow to protect your luggage for theft and loss.

1. Mark all belongings with your name and address:
Put your name and address on a batch or something, where finders of your luggage can get in contact with you or send it to your address.
Even when it’s stolen, there is still a piece of hope that the thief just took what what he was searching for (mostly small and expensive goods, as  money, watches, jewelry, etc.). And probably he has thrown away the rest of your luggage.
I have even marked my mobile phone with my address (under the case).

2. Travel with unique looking luggage
In my case, I did it completely wrong! What an idiot!.
Don’t take a suitcase in black, which owns every second person. (It was a gift, by the way. Normally I wouldn’t buy one like this.)
Buy a backpack or suitcase with a special design or color. One that looks unique, which you can find very easy and identify it as yours already from far away.
But we aware: It should look unique, but not expensive.
With expensive ones you will just provoke someone to steal it.

3. Put valuables always in your hand luggage
Never put pockets, laptops and cameras in your main luggage, when you travel.
Always in your hand luggage and take it always with you.
Especially when you are traveling alone or with unknown transportations and person.
Even when you are in a bus and need to go to toilet. Keep it with you.
That saved my life now, for example.
I just lost my suitcase, not my hand luggage, which I had as a backpack carrying with me.
Of course, I lost a lot of clothes, shoes, cosmetic, some jewelry,  etc. -maybe with a value of 1000-1500 EUR. But imagine my pocket with all my papers or my mobile phone or laptop where stolen.
I wouldn’t have an identity anymore and so much more to handle and arrange to get my normal life routine back (Ok, my laptop and mobile phone is a part of my life and my identity).
But so, its just money and probably some memories and keepsakes, which I lost.
Thanks god!

4. Be aware with back packs in big cities and crowded places.
Especially in big cities is the crime rate extreemly high.
Especially traveling with backpacks with public transportations is very dangerous.
Because it’s very easy for them to open your backpack in a crowded tram, while you can’t see anything.
That’s why I prefer bags, which I can wear on the side of my body or even in front of me. Or a belt bag around your hips, is perfect to keep it close to your body.
If you just have a backpack, turn it always to the front of your chest, when your in crowded areas.

5. Lock your luggage during your travels
If you don’t want to pay attention on your luggage all the time or just want to protect it additionally, then take a locker with you – or even more – depending on your luggage and system. Lock it always, when you have to leave it out of your presence. For example, when you go by bus or ferry, the employees of the organization put your luggage in a storage or special area e.g. on a boat. Mostly nothing happens and everything is well organized, but in the end everybody has access to it and it already happened more than often, that probably not your luggage – but content from it – was „stolen“.

6. Contract a travel insurance
Last but not least: Make sure you have a travel insurance, which pay for it, in case your luggage is however stolen.
Especially when you travel more then once or twice a year, its really with to have one.

Save travel preps, save luggage!
Take care, but enjoy traveling! 🙂

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