# 09 Sunny Xmas – Part II

Sunny Xmas – Part IILAAAZYYY! I had another beach day, jogging route and Ayurvedic massage (Nasyam, Ayurveda massage with herbal oil). Time to move a bit slower on my trip. Otherwise you won’t enjoy and experience the trip intensively. And secondly I won’t become more relaxed and get my mind clear.

# Lessons learned today:

Before you go forward, learn to accept all that is and was in life. First when you start to except things, yourself and  people around you – you will better understand the situation, feel more compassions and be more relaxed and happier in life.


# 09 Sunny Xmas Part I

Sunny Xmas Arrived at this really relaxed place on Xmas morning. I love rocky beaches, with cliffs, calm and vast sand beaches. Thats Varkala. First time I have seen so many tourists on one point. And this was even less in comparison with the rest of Varkala and Goa. Welcome to the bright sight of life .As a christmas present I gave myself a beach day (first time of my trip to India), a beautiful traditional Kerala massage and Shirodhara and funny xmas dinner party with a group of crazy english and Canadian guys.

# Lessons Learned today:  A great person and probably an even better philosopher than me, advised me that everything in my life is waiting for me. “What ever you want in life: its already there. You have to take the next step to get it.“  So lets go for it! 😉