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Beach Yoga – become one with the nature

For me is the beach side something like my living room. I try to use it and be there as much as I can.
Especially in the mornings practicing meditation, yoga at the beach or go for a long jogging tour, it gives me me so much power and energy for the day.
And especially because of the nature – all its beautiful unpredictable situations, creates those very special moments. Each is different. Each is new.

Yoga means „building a union. Continue reading Beach Yoga – become one with the nature


Spirit Garden bracelets

Silk ribbon Yoga bracelets.

This is one of my new projects.
Elena, a fashion designer, and me developed cute yoga and spiritual bracelets.
Our brand name is: Spirit Garden.
Everything handmade and with love.
We want to sell the bracelets in yoga conferences and festivals and also online.
The shop address is: www.spiritgardenshop.com
Later on its availeable under: www.spirit.garden

Check it out and give us some feedback! 🙂