Beach Yoga – become one with the nature

For me is the beach side something like my living room. I try to use it and be there as much as I can.
Especially in the mornings practicing meditation, yoga at the beach or go for a long jogging tour, it gives me me so much power and energy for the day.
And especially because of the nature – all its beautiful unpredictable situations, creates those very special moments. Each is different. Each is new.

Yoga means „building a union. A union with your body, mind and soul.“

For me it means even furthermore „building a union with your body, mind, soul AND the nature“ and at least „become one with the nature”. This is Yoga for me.

When you hear the sound of the waves and the ocean, feel the sun slightly kissing your face, the wind hughs you with its warm breaths, it’s like you acquaint oneself with the nature, like a friend.

Probably for you it’s not the beach Yoga, but something else that let you become one with the nature. As surfing, biking, jogging, hiking …
Yoga can be everything. It’s just how you live it.

When I did the beacher job for TerraNation (Enter Nature) we included the daily beach yoga. And since that time, I don’t want to miss yoga at the beach anymore.
I became so familiar with it, that it became a part of my life.
Here are some of my videos I recorded when I was at the beach side of Milos island for TerraNation:

Maybe you get an idea, what Yoga in its pure meaning can mean to you.

Probably you have already a special hobby, sports or routine, where you can experience a deep connection with the nature.
Improve it and keep on doing it. Actually to stay awake and aware in our busy society.


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