“Willpower” or the psychological science of self-control

Willpower is one of the most important attitudes and characteristics you need to have, to be successful in what you are doing or want to do.Super power
Probably you know some of those people, who get done everything. If they have an idea in there mind, they realize it.
They tell you, that they want to quit there job, open there own business, move to another city and so on…
And a few months later, you talk again and they inform you that they did it – and of course with success!
And you feel like a small idiot, still doing the same stuff each day, event though you had the idea before, to quit your job. To open a business, to travel more, to move somewhere else.

But what is the deference, that they achieve it and you not?
It’s willpower. Or also known as the psychological science of self-control.
The power to follow YOUR intention and not from OTHERS.
To be focused and aware of your dreams and aims, not be distracted by your invironment.
Here are some methods I learned from coach and author Robin Sharma to change your habits and improve your willpower:
  1. Do things daily. Let it become a regular practice.
  2. Do especially things you struggle with, your are afraid of. One of my favorite quotes is: “Life begins out of the comport zone”. That means, if you never cross your boundaries of your comfort zone you’ll never know, what you will miss. And in particular you will develop a more neutrual relationship to your anxiety. The more you start to learn and experience it, the more you loose your fears and life becomes a playground of joy.
  3. Full expression of your willpower: make clear, what you really want to do. List not more than 3 goals for each: a short, middle and long term period
  4. Concentrate on the process and way to your goal – small and steady consistency brings success
  5. Sleep enough: sleep is healthy and help to keep you young and concentrated.
  6. Meditate at least for 5 minutes everyday: to clear your mind and reset you own database is important to stay focused and awake and avoide distracting thoughts.
  7. Try to be present & conscious at least for 5 minutes a day. Means, listens inside, recognize what you feel right now and just accept it. It’s how you can increase your awareness.
    8. Make a 30-days-habit plan. Take 1-3 habits you want to include to your daily life. Think about when you can include them, e.g. I prefer to do it in the morning. Because then you have already done it, and the day can happen as it comes,  but you did your exercise already.
  8. Do it for minimum 30 days constantly.  That’s the time period your brain needs to develop a task into a habit. An example for a positive habit: I want to meditate every morning minimum 5 minutes.
  9. Daily goals: in the end of the day or beginning of the next day evaluate your 3 main goals from the last day and define the goals for the upcoming day. So your are aware and still up-to-date, what to do and whats important to, or what you probably can postpone.
  10. Always ask yourself WHY are you doing things right now or plan to do  certain things. Is it nesseccary? Is it worth? Does it happend as I imagened? If not, change something.
If you wants to belong to those people, who actually do what they want – start now with the first step to change your habits.
I am also not always very consequent in all those points, but I tried all of them and have to say, it works.
But you need some power and time to improve your skills.
Are you ready?

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