Every new year is a new chance to live every single moment

It’s been a long time ago, I have been writing something here on this blog.
Honestly, I am struggling with the idea of what to do and where to go.
Actually, it is like always. Haha!
But I want to continue. One of my goals for next year.

2015-11-22 08.28.38
Every day is a Sunday in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

This year has been amazing. I met wonderful places, like on Bali or Santa Teresa and Nosara in Costa Rica. But also Tarifa in South Spain was amazing. And I met a lot of beautiful people, who entered my heart, and from whom I learned a lot about life, business and about myself.
Every single person was my teacher on my path through life.

I made big steps in my personal growth and could broaden up my mind even beyond my horizon, where I thought there must be the horizon. But learning and experiencing is endless.

2015-12-27 16.46.27-2
My barrio in Santa Marta, local lifestyle

I am writing to you right now from my little apartment in Santa Marta in Colombia, sitting in my hammock, with the view over the city.

I was here primarily to volunteer for an organization, which is called Mariposa Amarilla,  supporting street kids in this area. I decided to use the time, while everyone is celebrating Christmas with there beloved ones, to share my love with those who need it the most.


On Christmas Eve I spent time

2015-12-21 17.18.09
Christmas decoration in Santa Marta Beach, Colombia

with the local family where I stay. It’s a small apartment I booked via Airbnb. I live in a barrio (district) where just locals live. No tourists here. This is the best way to learn and understand the culture and people, who are living here.

When I reflect the last year, I can just see beautiful moments and experiences. Of course, there have been also negative moments, but this is a part of life. And honestly, most of the time they just kicking you even deeper in reality, and you will feel that you are alive.

My worst problems the last months have been electronic problems. 2 laptops crashed and my phone is since days locked by a Colombian mobile provider so that I can’t use it. That sucks, but it’s just a material problem.

2015-12-25 11.56.53
Tanganga Beach, Colombia

But since I decided, to live a nomad lifestyle reduced my guts to a minimum and nowadays have fewer things and responsibilities – I feel richer than ever before. Because once you have nothing, you can do everything.
You can’t lose a lot and you can act spontaneously.

What I learned this year, is that you can open the door to another world, that welcome you with open arms, a world that’s so diverse and intensive, If you allow yourself to let go, let go from beliefs, habits and too many expectations. The world is constantly moving and changing. So stop to collect things, save, live secure, and build up a future, which you won’t able to keep it. Live right now. In this and every single moment, expect changes and be even open to new things that come along. This is part of the game. If you can handle it, you can reach the next levels.

And they are so much fun!

I am already looking forward to. Just the next 2 month will be amazing for me, with many new experiences.

2015-12-21 17.20.31
The goal for next year: see more sunsets at the ocean

I am going to have my first tattoo. On my ankle. Finally, my roommate and host in Bogota inspired me to do it now.

I will join a sacred medicine retreat with the elders and Sharman’s. One part will be of course Ayahuasca. I am a little bit scared to take this medicine, what it’s called here in this area. But I am going to prepare myself and think I am ready now – especially from a spiritual perspective.

Then I will do an excursion to the Amazon and fly to Brazil to celebrate Carnival in Rio. Raised in the Carnival city Cologne, participating on the biggest Carnival parties in the world, has been always a dream for me since I am a young girl.2015-11-19 16.39.23

Afterward surfing again in Pipa! 🙂 I never thought that you could get so addictive with surfing.
But it’s true.

I will keep you updated about all my experiences.

I wish everyone a good start of a new year, and a new chapter to change or improve yourself. Open your eyes, ears, heart, and mind and live every moment…wherever you are!

Pura Vida

2015-12-27 15.05.40
My favorite place in the world: the beach!

Beach Yoga – become one with the nature

For me is the beach side something like my living room. I try to use it and be there as much as I can.
Especially in the mornings practicing meditation, yoga at the beach or go for a long jogging tour, it gives me me so much power and energy for the day.
And especially because of the nature – all its beautiful unpredictable situations, creates those very special moments. Each is different. Each is new.

Yoga means „building a union. Continue reading “Beach Yoga – become one with the nature”

Life Is Like A Beach


Sometimes crowdy,
sometimes lonely.
Sometimes unpredictable.
Sometimes inspiring.
Everyday it’s different.
Every moment special.
You have just to be aware
and open you senses:
smell the sea, feel the sun,
taste the salt
…and life becomes an adventure.




What makes you happy?

When we think about our life. Our inner desires, wishes and values and what we want to achieve finally – it always come back to happiness.

We may all have different plans and desires.
We want to buy a house for the time of retirement, travel or visit some specific places, aspire to a position or live a certain lifestyle.
But what is behind these dreams? What motivates us to aim it? 
In the end, it’s mostly the ambition to be happy.

  • To buy a house is the intention to live a more peaceful life and don’t worry about money in times of retirement. Security may makes us relaxed. Relaxation is a good initial position for happiness.
  • To see new places, cultures and meet new people. Traveling is broaden up our mind. We learn more about life. The world becomes smaller and yourself richer. Or probably you just want to relax on the beach. But coming out of your small world and visit either inspiring new sides of life or the most beautiful places in the world, makes us happy.
  • If your intention is to live another lifestyle, you may not be happy yet with your current one. To much stress, pressure or a daily routined “hamster wheel lifestyle“. So your will is probably to change it into more relaxation, more quality, love and spending more time with your beloved ones.

It doesn’t matter which desires and intentions you have in life, in the end we all seeking for more happiness.

My wish was always to stay at the sunny side. I love the beach and sun and love to travel. So I made this to my lifestyle.
But even for me, I needed to prepare it for 1-2 years actively.
So thats why I want to share here with you how to start.

The four steps you have to work on. To change something and start your life, where you can be more happy.

1. Change your values (In my case: live with less luxury, enjoy the small moments, learn to love everybody and everything, feel home everywhere)
2. Change my habits (in my case: limit your belongings, learn and study every day for it)
3. Follow masters. Search for some „idols“, people, who already live that life, what you want to live. Follow them. Study them. What did they do for it? How could they became this characteristic? What are their values, habits, daily routines?
4. Stop dreaming and act. Now its time to make a plan and change it. If you start now continuously, you can achieve it quite soon. 
Of course you have to be patience. But if I can do it, everyone can do it! 🙂

If you need help with it, contact me. Would love to provide you with infos and ideas or just sharing thoughts.

Finally here a video of my time with Terra nation as a beacher in Milos. Its our HAPPY beach version of Pharrel Williams.

Become happy. Feel happy. Be happy.


Live Your Life Manifesto

I want to share with you my LIVE YOUR LIFE manifesto. Live Your Life Manifesto

Following each of these terms, helped me to live more happy and fulfilled.


Be present in every moment you live. Don’t postpone things to the future (for example: when I earned enough money, I want to travel). Do it NOW.


Listen inside of you and just do things that inspire you. In which situations do you forget the time? What are you doing at these moments? Is it a passion? Than repeat it by doing this. It can become a big part of your life.


Start to help people, organizations, companies or friends. You want to learn something new? Go and ask for volunteering. You can see the need for help? Go and do it freely. In the system of Karma, there is always an action – if you are doing good things in live, good things will come back to you as well.


Try to avoid fast food, sugar and meet. Eat more natural ingredients and slow food.  Eat more regional fruits and vegetables and cook or prepare your food by yourself – as far as it’s possible. After a while you will not just have more power,  even your inner beauty will rise and you set a basis for a long life.


Practicing Yoga everyday was making me more smooth and relaxed, but also it’s strengthen my muscles, body shape and rise my awareness and connection of the body, mind and soul. You don’t need to do and call it Yoga. But practicing on yourself. Do something for your body and mind. And do it consciously.


Increase your Karma and help those who really need it. You will see that you not just feel better and do things in life that worth it, you will even get it back and receive support, when you need help. We are one community, so lets share. And never forget: Its all coming back to you!


By using your creativity, your can highly express yourself. But most of the people doesn’t even know, that they are creative. You are! You just lost it in your daily life of regulations and processes, which are reasons to loose creativity. There are tons of ways to activate your creativity again. Just get started.


Your life will win more on quality, when you start to slow down. Quality time instead of quantity time. You don’t need to be everywhere and do everything. Your body and mind is like a computer. Sometimes you need to shut it down, close it and restart it, to have the full power again. Otherwise it will overheat and overload. So take your time and relax.


To love doesn’t mean just to share your love with your partner or kids.  I mean to start loving always. Love the people around you, love the things you are doing, love each moment and share your love.  People will also share their love with you.  Always remember: We are all one.


Every step you do, every thought you think, every word you say – do it with passion. If you don’t feel for it? Drop it! It’s not your passion. By becoming aware of your motivations you will shift your actions and interactions to those, which actuates you. If you don’t know yet, what your real passions are – start to follow your heart.


We are all humans and making mistakes. So don’t be resentful. Forgive yourself and others. It has its reason, why those things happened. Take it as a learning. And if you think back, you will find something good in it. Everything in life is constantly changing. So don’t try to hold on things – especially not on bad moods and thoughts. Let it go and remind on the good moments.


Never stop to learn or practice.  I call my life “the university and study of life”. You will always be a student of life. So take the chance and don’t miss to learn and figure out about it and what the world offers you. It will not just give you a better overview and understanding for your existence, you also become more happy and will stay young, but wise.


I am who I am

Live Your Life. Be who you are.

I am a rebellLive Your Life. Be who you are.
I am a pirate
I am a warrior
I am a lover
I am a daughter
I am a sister
I am a workaholic
I am a change maker
I am a harmony lover
I am a party girl
I am a traveller
I am a host
I am a guest
I am lifestyle nerd
I am a digital nomad
I am a yogini
I am a nature lover
I am a cosmopolitan

…because: I AM who I AM!

I am not perfect…
I fall
I failure
I get up
I love
I laugh
I live
I try
I do
I make                                                                                                         I breath

…because I SIMPLY BE!



There is one thing, and I would say, it’s the most essential thing in life. Consciously “breathing”.

Breathe consciously.

And it doesn’t mean, you just “have to do”. No, you allowed to do and should do it more consciously. 
Especially Yoga taught me this – and the vedic philosophy behind it, which is a few thousand years old!
To breath consciously, means to look inward, come back to yourself, stop the time for a moment – and I can just say it from my perspective: it has such a big affect on your lifestyle and your way of thinking.

There is a beautiful quote from Leo Babauta of zenhabits.net, which I want to share with you:
If you feel overwhelmed, breathe. It will calm you and release the tensions.
If you are worried about something coming up, or caught up in something that already happened, breathe. It will bring you back to the present.
If you are moving too fast, breathe. It will remind you to slow down, and enjoy life more.
Breathe, and enjoy each moment of this life. They’re too fleeting and few to waste.” (Leo Babauta)

So lets take a deep breath and just be in this simple, present moment. Its a gift to recognize it today…in this rapidly society.

Life is like a road. It has bumps, cracks and obstacles, but in the end, it gets you somewhere.

Life is like a road. It has bumps, cracks and obstacles, but in the end, it gets you somewhere.

Life is a road. We are walking on a way.

Sometimes the road is more comfortable and easy to drive; sometimes it has bumps, cracks and obstacles.

Than maybe we have to stop, remove it, jump over it or bypass it.   But it will be a learning and lesson in our life that gets us somewhere.

With every failure, we learn and get more strength.

So don’t be put off and work on this journey.                                                   You have just this only chance in your life.




We all have a different childhood, different invironments and different parents. And we all become a unique persons, in our appeal and character. But anyhow we should never forget where we come from. Sometimes its good to look back to where you came from and compare to where are you at now, That shows you the path you went. It’s important to move further forward.
And especially: be grateful for your childhood and forgive to your parents.

Live Your Life
Live Your Life