Yoga Nidra – a deep sleep meditation

Yoga Nidra is a deep meditation which “yogis” often use to experience the deepest state of relaxation.

It is also quite known under “lucid dreaming”, which is similar, but not include to stay in consciousness of your actual environment.

You need just to lay down on your back with closed eyes and follow the instructions. There is nothing else to do.

In the beginning most of the people fell asleep. But after a while you become practiced and fall into a stat of deep relaxation, but with full awareness and present in this moment.

Give yourself permission to rest, balance and restore and try it.

A meditative practice will awaken your whole being, allowing you to enjoy life fully.

There is nothing required of you but to lie down and listen.

I really would love to know, if it helped you. So give me your feedback.

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