I want to share with you my LIVE YOUR LIFE manifesto. Live Your Life Manifesto

Following each of these terms, helped me to live more happy and fulfilled.


Be present in every moment you live. Don’t postpone things to the future (for example: when I earned enough money, I want to travel). Do it NOW.


Listen inside of you and just do things that inspire you. In which situations do you forget the time? What are you doing at these moments? Is it a passion? Than repeat it by doing this. It can become a big part of your life.


Start to help people, organizations, companies or friends. You want to learn something new? Go and ask for volunteering. You can see the need for help? Go and do it freely. In the system of Karma, there is always an action – if you are doing good things in live, good things will come back to you as well.


Try to avoid fast food, sugar and meet. Eat more natural ingredients and slow food.  Eat more regional fruits and vegetables and cook or prepare your food by yourself – as far as it’s possible. After a while you will not just have more power,  even your inner beauty will rise and you set a basis for a long life.


Practicing Yoga everyday was making me more smooth and relaxed, but also it’s strengthen my muscles, body shape and rise my awareness and connection of the body, mind and soul. You don’t need to do and call it Yoga. But practicing on yourself. Do something for your body and mind. And do it consciously.


Increase your Karma and help those who really need it. You will see that you not just feel better and do things in life that worth it, you will even get it back and receive support, when you need help. We are one community, so lets share. And never forget: Its all coming back to you!


By using your creativity, your can highly express yourself. But most of the people doesn’t even know, that they are creative. You are! You just lost it in your daily life of regulations and processes, which are reasons to loose creativity. There are tons of ways to activate your creativity again. Just get started.


Your life will win more on quality, when you start to slow down. Quality time instead of quantity time. You don’t need to be everywhere and do everything. Your body and mind is like a computer. Sometimes you need to shut it down, close it and restart it, to have the full power again. Otherwise it will overheat and overload. So take your time and relax.


To love doesn’t mean just to share your love with your partner or kids.  I mean to start loving always. Love the people around you, love the things you are doing, love each moment and share your love.  People will also share their love with you.  Always remember: We are all one.


Every step you do, every thought you think, every word you say – do it with passion. If you don’t feel for it? Drop it! It’s not your passion. By becoming aware of your motivations you will shift your actions and interactions to those, which actuates you. If you don’t know yet, what your real passions are – start to follow your heart.


We are all humans and making mistakes. So don’t be resentful. Forgive yourself and others. It has its reason, why those things happened. Take it as a learning. And if you think back, you will find something good in it. Everything in life is constantly changing. So don’t try to hold on things – especially not on bad moods and thoughts. Let it go and remind on the good moments.


Never stop to learn or practice.  I call my life “the university and study of life”. You will always be a student of life. So take the chance and don’t miss to learn and figure out about it and what the world offers you. It will not just give you a better overview and understanding for your existence, you also become more happy and will stay young, but wise.



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