“Willpower” or the psychological science of self-control

Willpower is one of the most important attitudes and characteristics you need to have, to be successful in what you are doing or want to do.Super power
Probably you know some of those people, who get done everything. If they have an idea in there mind, they realize it.
They tell you, that they want to quit there job, open there own business, move to another city and so on…
And a few months later, you talk again and they inform you that they did it – and of course with success!
And you feel like a small idiot, still doing the same stuff each day, event though you had the idea before, to quit your job. To open a business, to travel more, to move somewhere else.

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What makes you happy?

When we think about our life. Our inner desires, wishes and values and what we want to achieve finally – it always come back to happiness.

We may all have different plans and desires.
We want to buy a house for the time of retirement, travel or visit some specific places, aspire to a position or live a certain lifestyle.
But what is behind these dreams? What motivates us to aim it? 
In the end, it’s mostly the ambition to be happy.

  • To buy a house is the intention to live a more peaceful life and don’t worry about money in times of retirement. Security may makes us relaxed. Relaxation is a good initial position for happiness.
  • To see new places, cultures and meet new people. Traveling is broaden up our mind. We learn more about life. The world becomes smaller and yourself richer. Or probably you just want to relax on the beach. But coming out of your small world and visit either inspiring new sides of life or the most beautiful places in the world, makes us happy.
  • If your intention is to live another lifestyle, you may not be happy yet with your current one. To much stress, pressure or a daily routined “hamster wheel lifestyle“. So your will is probably to change it into more relaxation, more quality, love and spending more time with your beloved ones.

It doesn’t matter which desires and intentions you have in life, in the end we all seeking for more happiness.

My wish was always to stay at the sunny side. I love the beach and sun and love to travel. So I made this to my lifestyle.
But even for me, I needed to prepare it for 1-2 years actively.
So thats why I want to share here with you how to start.

The four steps you have to work on. To change something and start your life, where you can be more happy.

1. Change your values (In my case: live with less luxury, enjoy the small moments, learn to love everybody and everything, feel home everywhere)
2. Change my habits (in my case: limit your belongings, learn and study every day for it)
3. Follow masters. Search for some „idols“, people, who already live that life, what you want to live. Follow them. Study them. What did they do for it? How could they became this characteristic? What are their values, habits, daily routines?
4. Stop dreaming and act. Now its time to make a plan and change it. If you start now continuously, you can achieve it quite soon. 
Of course you have to be patience. But if I can do it, everyone can do it! 🙂

If you need help with it, contact me. Would love to provide you with infos and ideas or just sharing thoughts.

Finally here a video of my time with Terra nation as a beacher in Milos. Its our HAPPY beach version of Pharrel Williams.

Become happy. Feel happy. Be happy.

Life is like riding a bike. To keep your balance – you must keep moving.

Life is like riding a bike.
To keep your balance – you must keep moving.

Life is like riding a bike. To keep your balance - you must keep moving.
Life is like riding a bike.
To keep your balance – you must keep moving.

You can compare life with riding a bike.

In the beginning we have to learn how to keep the balance and move forward, to ride a bike.

After a while we get used to it and to it with ease. That’s what life is, when you live it to its fullest: easy and relaxed.

But we often stuck in situations, routines, hamster wheels. That means, you get out of your balance. …and fall.

You can stay there or you can get up, take your bike and start riding.

Once you achieved this point of continuous moving, you can keep your life balance with ease.

Life is like Icecream. Enjoy it, before it melts.

Life is like Icecream. Enjoy it, before it melts.

Life is like Icecream.

We often like to wait for the perfect moment, the perfect opportunity. For example, “when I will earn more money, I will do this or be that”, “when I will have more time, I will do a worldtrip or found an organization”.

We are always waiting in life – and don’t see how it’s passing by next to us. Life is now. So don’t wait for the perfect moment. The perfect moment is now. Enjoy your icecream, enjoy life now – its’ melting anyway – so the more you enjoy it now, the more you get from it.

#LYL #Liveyourlife #BeSUPIeveryday
#LYL #Liveyourlife #BeSUPIeveryday

Life is like a Camera. Focus on whats important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t work out, just take another shot.

Life is like camera. Focus on whats important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t work out, just take another shot.

Life is like camera.

You live just once. Don’t waiting your time on unimportant or negative things – focus on whats important.

Just capture the good times and experience – it will bring you forward and makes you happier.

But develop from the negatives and learn from it.

And if things don’t work out as you want, just take another shot. You don’t have just one possibility to try and test in life. You have many possibilities. And even if you take tons of pictures, there will be finally minimum one, which is so amazing and you want to keep it forever.


#LYL #Liveyourlife #BeSUPIeveryday
#LYL #Liveyourlife #BeSUPIeveryday

Are You A Stress junkie?

Are you a stress junkie?

There is a type of people – and today it not less – who is yearning for actionism each day.
Typically these people are successful in their career – but are they really successful in life?!
In the beginning they aspire towards succeeded events, but later on they just running after actions.

People like that feel euphoric under physical stress and in combination with a rush of success and the desire to experience all the time new things, makes them unstoppable.

For those people a wellness-retreat is nothing else than an active sport power weekend, a chill-out evening at home means to work from home and not being outside anywhere else in the world.

They can do that for a while, but also they are not super mans and don’t have not a super man body. Indeed your body is amazing and can do a lot of things you probably don’t really know about. But you need to restore and have breaks. Your body needs to shut down the system – same as a computer. You need to empty the battery to filling it with new power.

Do you know these kind of people? Or probably you are one of these?
I you not sure, make your test here and check if you a part of the stress junkie gang.

    1. Do you have often problems with falling asleep?
    2. Are you reading or working, when you eat alone?
    3. Is it difficult for you to do nothing?
    4. Is you mobile phone always switched on, even if it’s not necessary?
    5. Do you like to work on weekends and holidays?
    6. Can you work everywhere and every time?
    7. Do you think, its hard to take holidays?
    8. Do you feel anxiety, when you think about retirement?
    9. Is it long time ago you met friends outside your job?
    10. Do you zap permanently though the channels, when you watch TV?

If you could answer more than 4 times the the questions with “Yes”, you should really thing about a better work/life-system. Because this speed limit will not last forever.

I know what I am walking about, because I am the same type and made my experience. With the age of 25 I had my first burn out. It took me minimum one year to generate from it. But so I came to Yoga. Today I won’t miss my yoga, meditation or just mental relaxing part of the day.  It’s so important and makes as  – long-term – even stronger and gives us more power.

Are you a stress junkie?

If you want to know how, just follow my blog. I will share with my experience and of other stress junkies, with useful tips that help you to guide you.

Life is like a canvas. It begins blank and every day is like another brush stroke

Life is like a canvas

Life is like a canvas. It begins blank and every day is like another brush stroke.

Your life starts like a white blank piece of paper. It might be difficult to start, but you have any choice how do design your own canvas of life.

Once you started – and if you recognize how you can influence the design, output and power of your canvas – you can create an impressive outcome.

And with every day, you will make another brush stroke of your final result, you will leave behind you one day. By living, giving, receiving, trying, failing, succeeding and exploring, you will develop a powerful canvas, you and nobody else will miss it.

Life is like a canvas



Life is like Twitter. You just have to post what you feel, retweet the good memories, delete the drama, and follow your dreams

Life is like Twitter. You just have to post what you feel, retweet the good memories, delete the drama, and follow your dreams.

Life is like Twitter.

Emotions are a common destiny. Every human being has it, everyone understand it or wants to understand it and get inspired by others, who share their emotions. So you just have to post what you feel.

Life is too short to worry about the past and thinks about the bad experience, we had in life. We want to look forward and learn from the good ones. So retweet the good memories and delete the drama.

And start follow your dreams…


Life is like twitter

Life is like an ocean. It can be calm or still and rough or rigid. But in the end, it’s always beautiful.

Life is like an ocean. It can be calm or still and rough or rigid. But in the end, it’s always beautiful.

Life is like the ocean. It can be uncontrollable, not projectable and incalculable.

Sometimes it’s calm and quite: so peaceful and innocent.  And you can slide over the water surface easily – and everything is going with ease and fast-forward – but you still feel relaxed.

And sometimes your swimming against big waves, heavy storms, the water is rough and rigid – you need too much effort to move forward, you have to fight for your life or just feel anxiety for the unknown.

But life is like the ocean, so beautiful, artificial and there is so much to see and learn from it. You just need to be open and alert. And start to witness your environment, streams and beings around you.

And you will see: the more you witness, the more you start to love and see the beauty in it.

Life is like the ocean