Are You A Stress junkie?

There is a type of people – and today it not less – who is yearning for actionism each day.
Typically these people are successful in their career – but are they really successful in life?!
In the beginning they aspire towards succeeded events, but later on they just running after actions.

People like that feel euphoric under physical stress and in combination with a rush of success and the desire to experience all the time new things, makes them unstoppable.

For those people a wellness-retreat is nothing else than an active sport power weekend, a chill-out evening at home means to work from home and not being outside anywhere else in the world.

They can do that for a while, but also they are not super mans and don’t have not a super man body. Indeed your body is amazing and can do a lot of things you probably don’t really know about. But you need to restore and have breaks. Your body needs to shut down the system – same as a computer. You need to empty the battery to filling it with new power.

Do you know these kind of people? Or probably you are one of these?
I you not sure, make your test here and check if you a part of the stress junkie gang.

    1. Do you have often problems with falling asleep?
    2. Are you reading or working, when you eat alone?
    3. Is it difficult for you to do nothing?
    4. Is you mobile phone always switched on, even if it’s not necessary?
    5. Do you like to work on weekends and holidays?
    6. Can you work everywhere and every time?
    7. Do you think, its hard to take holidays?
    8. Do you feel anxiety, when you think about retirement?
    9. Is it long time ago you met friends outside your job?
    10. Do you zap permanently though the channels, when you watch TV?

If you could answer more than 4 times the the questions with “Yes”, you should really thing about a better work/life-system. Because this speed limit will not last forever.

I know what I am walking about, because I am the same type and made my experience. With the age of 25 I had my first burn out. It took me minimum one year to generate from it. But so I came to Yoga. Today I won’t miss my yoga, meditation or just mental relaxing part of the day.  It’s so important and makes as  – long-term – even stronger and gives us more power.

Are you a stress junkie?

If you want to know how, just follow my blog. I will share with my experience and of other stress junkies, with useful tips that help you to guide you.


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