Feliz Navidad – Love and happiness to all of you

Christmas time is a time to share your love with your friends and family. But also a very spiritual time. Even when you are not religious, it’s good to look inward and find your inner peace.
Maybe you want to visualize and use my favorite ways to review:
  • Look back on what you all created in the past year and with whom you shared you life.
  • Thank all the people who helped you, who where there, when you needed them or just spend time with you.
  • Forgive yourself for all the actions, which your are not proud of and which you might like to change, if you could. For any reason that happened and you will learn from it.
  • Thank yourself for all the good actions you did in the past last year – go through it. What was it, that made you happy? How did you feel afterwards?
  • And at least thank mother nature to have this big opportunity to be here and have the chance to explore this life right now on this beautiful planet.
I am going to do the same. But instead of praying in the church, I will go for a morning meditation to my beloved ocean, here in Mexico.
I want to share all my love and gratitude to mother nature.
Today I am still enjoying my own Christmas- or “end-of-the-year-bonus”-present, which is staying for a few days in a seashell, my dream house Casa Caracol on Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
But tomorrow I will fly back home to Germany and looking forward to spend my time with my family and friends.
I wish you a merry Christmas, lots of love, light and happiness.
Stay aware and keep on going positiv through your life.
Buchos besos!!

# 12 AMMAs lovely hugs

AMMAs lovely hugsI arrived at 10 am at the Amritapuri ashram. A very beautiful but currently very crowded ashram. But very peaceful.  AMMA who built this Ashram, where she was born, are one of the famous living Gurus. She is very active with her aid organisations and projects to help people all over the world. She is also famous for her intensive and lovely hugs. Everywhere on the world she give hugs to the people. “Embracing the world” is the name of her institution. She gave her hugs already to more than 32.000 people all over the world. That means around 1.700 hugs each day in average.

After the evening mediation at the beach with her, I had the great possibility to get a hug from her. It was an amazing experience, which I didn’t expect before to get on that day.

# Lessons Learned today:  If everyone would joining the principles of „giving and receiving“, it would  reduce or completely eliminate the chaotic system which has to be organized by rules and processors.

# 08 Ashram Art of Living

Ashram Art of Living:First jogging tour in India. But even this was a tiny bit crazy. My running track was anywhere between virtual and true reality. Between TechVillages, Slums and crowded streets you can’t even cross.

After that  I went for a day visit to the Ashram Art of Living:

Surrounded by a green landscape and beautiful flowers, this peaceful ashram conducts courses in Yoga, vedic mathematics and Vasthu Shasthra. It was built and created by Sri Ravi Shankar to extend his preaching on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and includes an professional Ayurvedic center. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is well known guru all over the world and was even on this day on tour. But joint a guided meditation and had a funny sightseeing tour and photoshooting with Rukesh.

# Lessons Learned today:

If you’re climbing the ladder of life, you go rung by rung, one step at a time. Don’t look too far up, set your goals high but take one step at a time. Sometimes you don’t think you’re progressing until you step back and see how high you’ve really gone.

#05 Osho Meditation Resort – Part II

Osho Mediation Resort Part II:Today I had a very intense day with a lot of different moods and feeling. During the heart mediation, I connected with my heart. I had to cry -just felt compassion, surrender and love – to the people, to the world, to myself. After that we celebrated and danced at the Buddahs Groove outdoor platform. Just dancing in the sun. I really love dancing in the sun. I could do that the whole day long. Would there be a job that is called the „sun dancer“ I would be a master of it. In the afternoon we celebrated a death ceremony, which is similar to a funeral.Just  here you celebrate it with joy, dancing and fun. In the western way everybody is sad and crying during this ceremony. Here we won’t like to have an ending where everyone is crying. Come together, laugh, dance and sing, is the philosophy. After we paraded to the river with drum music and fireworks , where we burned down his body and through his ashes into the river.  The second time I started to cry today. Life is short.

We should always be aware of our time and spend it with things and people we love. Don’t waste your time on unessential things.

In the evening I took a domestic flight to Bangalore, where I arrived around 2 a.m. Long day and short night. Back in the role of „traveler as a business“.

# Lesson learned today:

Start to make unconsciousness into consciousness. Control your mind, being more aware, reduce stuffing your head with unnecessary thoughts. Be always present and do everything consciously.

„And slowly, slowly, as awareness grows your whole personality starts changing. From unawareness to awareness it is the greatest quantum leap.“ (Osho)