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Wakeboarding in Langenfeld

One of my new passions of the last past years.
I started behind a boat on the river Rhine, but currently I drive more often on a cableway.
This week I was the first time on water with my board.
The first time with my buddy Marvin for an early board session and yesterday with my friends from Icecream Surfing.
I love it and looking forward for this upcoming season.


Yesterday evening I joined with my eTuk a video session with the tv and radio channel WDR.
They filmed the weekly longboard meetup group “Rollrunde”, which is organized from my friends Icecream Surfing, for a local tv format.
I joined them to use my eTuk to film from inside and as a transportation vehicle.
Best weather conditions in Cologne. Good mood and Andi, the owner of the shop Icecream Surfing, provided free drinks.
I tested the new electronic longboard and normal one.
So MAYBE I will start with long boarding now!? 🙂
We will see…just another hobby in my life!