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Openair party Cologne

Unofficial open air party Grünton @sunday

I love open air parties in the summer!

On the one hand, it’s so much better for your time rhythm, if you are an eary bird and don’t want to sleep that long next day.
On the other hand, I prefer parties in the sun, outdoor and not in dark clubs.

In Cologne we have a party series called Grünton, which is an not legal party always on different spots.
For example, if you attend on the Facebook event you will receive a private massage, where the party will be exactly.
Yesterday on beautiful sunny day, there where about 500 party guests who celebrated together on the dancefloor and chilled on blankets on the grass.

I am really looking forward to the summer time in Cologne and all these beautiful open airs.


Yesterday evening I joined with my eTuk a video session with the tv and radio channel WDR.
They filmed the weekly longboard meetup group “Rollrunde”, which is organized from my friends Icecream Surfing, for a local tv format.
I joined them to use my eTuk to film from inside and as a transportation vehicle.
Best weather conditions in Cologne. Good mood and Andi, the owner of the shop Icecream Surfing, provided free drinks.
I tested the new electronic longboard and normal one.
So MAYBE I will start with long boarding now!? 🙂
We will see…just another hobby in my life!