5 tips how to wake up early

For most of the people the morning time is the most productive time Sunriseof the day.

When you get up in the morning, the first 1-2 hours of your day, are perfect to to learn – probably even better than any other time of the day. Your mind is fresh and clear.  You learn easier and manifest things in your mind faster than later on this day.
Here are some tips that helped me to start the day with more willpower and motivation:

1. Set one intention for each day. One main goal, what you successfully want to achieve today.
For example: I am going to make someone smile or I am going to eat just healthy today.

2. Take a hot-cold shower: Thats not just energizing your body, it’s even good for your circulation and a tight skin – especially for women against orange peel skin. 🙂


3. Go through your daily ToDo list and priories between
A) things have to be done until this early afternoon
B) things have to be done today and
C) things which are not that important. Have to be done, but not necessarily today.
4. Start your day with a mantra. I recommend to create a mantra or affirmation each week, what you will say to yourself every day.
Seven times a week will manifest this mantra to your unconscious mind and by doing it in the morning it will motivates you for the day.
Use mantras like this:
  • I am powerful, rooted and strong.
  • I love myself, my life and can do, whatever I want
  • I am lovely, rich, creative and happy
5. Drink 1-2 glasses of water. After the night your are dehydrated and water will purify your body. It also makes you more energized and you feel more awake.
When you try to follow this tips, after a while it becomes a habit and you will feel, you need it. And maybe once you will get up and also think
“Hello day! Nice to meet you again! I am looking forward to enjoy every minute of you.”
That should be e goal.
If you even have this moments. Be happy.
You are on the right way.
What are your daily routines that helps you to start the day with power and motivation?
Would like to share with you the experience.

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