# 13 24h hours trip from Amritapuri to Goa

24h hours trip from Amritapuri to Goa.

Morning mediation at 6.30h at the beach or Amaritapuri, made my day. Everything that followed, was just a „skip forward“ button: 4hrs drive by taxi from Amaritapuri to Kochin. From Kochin to Goa another 22 hours. From Goa bus station to Arambol 1,5 hours. In total about 28 hours for 800 km!!The bus trip was quite heavy this time. The bus driver was more than following the rules of the Indian traffic system. I really never became see-sick on the sea in my whole life. But this time I did. The way he was driving the bus was more than an adventure. Additionally the permanent honking for saying“ Attention, I am coming!“ and the snoring man next to me, made it hard to stay a-life!. Inhale…OMMMM!

“Ok, time to work on some skills.” Although it was not easy to write and draw during this time, I started to scribble in my daily scribble book. Here some extracts, of how it looks like.

Scribble Diairy

Scribble diary

Its very useful to increase your creativity and visual thinking. I started 2-3 month ago to work on my visual thinking and visual facilitation skills. I have often ideas and concepts in my mind, but don’t know how to express them and explain it to others. Or sometimes I have to write concepts or be creative, but I just see a black cloud in my head and a whiteboard. With the techniques of visual thinking you train your listening skills, thinking in concepts and processes, and your drawing. You learn to sketch your notes, doodles, canvas, diagrams and how to structure it. And all in all: it’s fun!

# Lessons Learned today: Life is not an mp3 where you can play what you want and can forward it – but life is a radio where you have to enjoy what is played.


During our daily life, we find always obstacles on our way through life, which have to be eliminated or bypassed.
Thats why we should set our dreams high enough, to see still the vision we follow.
Because if you can’t  see the dreams anymore, you will loose yourself on your path and will stay at one of your obstacles.

Live Your Life
Live Your Life