There is one thing, and I would say, it’s the most essential thing in life. Consciously “breathing”.

Breathe consciously.

And it doesn’t mean, you just “have to do”. No, you allowed to do and should do it more consciously. 
Especially Yoga taught me this – and the vedic philosophy behind it, which is a few thousand years old!
To breath consciously, means to look inward, come back to yourself, stop the time for a moment – and I can just say it from my perspective: it has such a big affect on your lifestyle and your way of thinking.

There is a beautiful quote from Leo Babauta of, which I want to share with you:
If you feel overwhelmed, breathe. It will calm you and release the tensions.
If you are worried about something coming up, or caught up in something that already happened, breathe. It will bring you back to the present.
If you are moving too fast, breathe. It will remind you to slow down, and enjoy life more.
Breathe, and enjoy each moment of this life. They’re too fleeting and few to waste.” (Leo Babauta)

So lets take a deep breath and just be in this simple, present moment. Its a gift to recognize it today…in this rapidly society.


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