# 14 Fed up with traveling

I am fed up with traveling!!After – in the end – the 28h trip from Amaritapuri to Goa. I finally arrived in Goa. I WON’T move my ass into any train, bus or other tranportation vehicles until I leave India!! puuhh. that was enough for now. Time to stay.

And finally today I met Bine!!! Its so great after two weeks of traveling alone, being with friends and people you love and know. Actually its very important for me to spend some time by myself, but sharing experiences and love just some times is a very great gift in life!

In the evening went out to Katzensuppe in Vagator. Katzensuppe Party

Well, it was a long night with too much alc. But we had fun. Nothing to add today…

# Lessons Learned today: To share your life and experience is as much important as to spend more time with yourself. Take your time by yourself, but build bridges instead of walls.


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