The Pirate Yoga Lifestyle

Welcome to the Yoga-pirate Lifestyle

We are all on our journey to find the booty.
Explore and find out what your booty is and where to find your treasure.

Join the Yoga-pirate community and lifestyle.

Fun, love and laughter.
No Do and no Do nots!

Aye Aye, smartly join the Yoga-pirate Lifestyle.

What is a Yoga-pirate?

A Yoga-pirate -in my understanding- is a person, who is not following life below a given line.

He tries to get to the bottom of reality,
tries to experience on his own instead of following the opinions of others,
he is awake and aware whats going on in the world and want to change something – in his own way.

A Yoga-pirate is listening to his unconscious mind and following his heart.

Death is not a fear for him, life is his chance to improve.
He loves to explore new horizons, discover lonely islands and oceans
and he is always ready to capture a ship, when time is right.

He is fighting for justice and love on our planet Earth.
He loves the stillness, wilderness and mystic of the sea,
flows with dynamic, destiny and flexibility of the continuously blowing wind and would die for his treasure: Light and Love.

What’s the Yoga-pirate lifestyle about?

Yoga-pirates live mostly in big cities, but know how to take their time to escape once a while.
Yoga-pirates are likely self-employed, entrepreneurs, rebells and especially change makers.
Fighting for a better life – a better life for human beings, a better life for nature and mother earth, a better life for one-selves.



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