#00 What’s all about?

Why do I start this blog?

  • Someone recommend to me when to write a blog. I felt lazy, so I decided to make a video. But my video files get corrupted during the flight. So I had to switch spontaneously to a written blog.

Why I am doing this blog?

  • Actually I’m feeling lost and confused, about my life and what to do next.
  • That sounds to you maybe negative in a kind of way. But it isn’t. Being lost is an opportunity to change your course, find yourself, figure out what you really want and in the end find more happiness in life.
  • India! This country is my first stop
  • Follow my journey through life and lets try to understand and learn about life together
  • I am just a student of life
  • I am struggling, falling, standing up, loosing, winning, starting new…but actually: I AM DOING.
  • I will share with you my deepest feelings, tips, advises and experiences.
  • Objective of this journey: find what I am seeking, learn about life, learn about India.

Some of my most important travel equipments:

  • Flapjacks (from HAFERVOLL. Best flapjacks ever. without additives)
  • GoPro (for my video documentation)
  • Yogamat (for Yoga everywhere)
  • Laptop (working on private and business things)
  • Diving license (just my computer and logbook)
  • Visual facilitation book & notepad
  • Scribble diary

Mumbai after tiered travel period


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