#01: Stopover Dubai. The 4-week-habit plan

Dubai Airport:  After 2 hours of sleep. Awake at the Dubai airport. Time to make a plan.

The 4 weeks habit plan. Idea: Choose maximal 3 habits you don’t like in yourself and change them into good ones or choose a good habit that you like to become a habit. Bit these “good habits” should stay achievable. By doing things consciously and regularly, you can change your bad habits or non available habits into good habits in 4 weeks. Write it down and start tomorrow.

Here my 4-week-habit plan:
1. Smoking, when drinking (probably learn drinking without smoking)
2. First thing I do in the morning after wake up: Coffee & Laptop – Change into meditation & Yoga every morning first. Especially mediation, It is what I need to ease my confused mind.
3. Today we are all focused on ourselves and even me sometimes, more selfish than unselfish. Collect more positive karma and make every day someone smile. Its all about giving and receiving in life.
# Lessons learned today: Buy a power supply adaptor for Dubai to work if I have to stay here more than 1-2 hours at the airport



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