#04: Osho Mediation Resort

Osho Mediation Resort:Osho was an Indian philosophy professor and later on a Guru for many people – specially in the west. His followers are also called Sanyassin.                                                                                                                                            He was a great speaker and teacher in meditation and found a way to explain the eastern philosophy to the western society.  He was killed in the 90s. Still today they offer different meditations from early morning to late evening. My mum was Sanyassin. So I was growing up with that stuff.          Thats why I had more than ever the feeling, like  I have to step in mums footstep and follow her way to understand where I am coming from, and how I adapt and understand it today in comparison to my earliest years in my childhood.

Task for the day: WHO AM I? I got this today from the others: I am an angel (my name), I am a strong independent person, I am a rebel, I am crazy (traveling alone).

# Lesson Learned today:

Indian is a country which might be poor, but its the richest country in spirituality. It concerns the highest value of consciousness. If you want to meet the country and learn, you have to go with open eyes and connect to the people.


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