# 16 At the end of the paradise / Silvester

At the end of the paradise / SylvesterBine and me went to the Paradise Beach. Its so beautiful, peaceful and empty, not crowded. It’s a really paradise here. This place is known for bike rides at the beach. One of our rare chances to do this. So let’s do it. Here is a short video to share with you guys this experience.
We celebrated our New Years Evening quite calm – and this is a party area of Goa. But after the party two days earlier, we had enough party for the next couple days. So we decided to stay at the beach with Acroyogis, singing  together by the fireside. We watched the fireworks at the beach and went to bed -for me quite early- at 2 am.

# Lessons Learned today: End up the year with something great what you love. The paradise is so close. Its already here inside of you. Just listen inside and you will find your Paradise Beach where you can drive into the next beautiful new year.


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