Doodle Fastfood And Sweets To Loose Weight?

Do you also belong to that type of people, who always plan to eat more fruits and vegetables, but can’t avoid sweets and fastfood?

I read about a study, published in the Journal of Behavioral and Brain science, where it said:
when you doodle unhealthy food like sweets and fastfood it makes you more happy and you will eat more healthy in future.
So I tried it this morning and made some sketch notes of unhealthy food, which came immediately to my mind.
After that I was not hungry anymore (and I am most of the time hungry).
Try it out. What are your experiences?
To have a changing result of your habits, you should do it at least for 2 weeks everyday. I am going to do the same.
I would really appreciate to get some feedback about your experiences.



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