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A daily journal about my journey through life.

Yesterday evening I joined with my eTuk a video session with the tv and radio channel WDR.
They filmed the weekly longboard meetup group “Rollrunde”, which is organized from my friends Icecream Surfing, for a local tv format.
I joined them to use my eTuk to film from inside and as a transportation vehicle.
Best weather conditions in Cologne. Good mood and Andi, the owner of the shop Icecream Surfing, provided free drinks.
I tested the new electronic longboard and normal one.
So MAYBE I will start with long boarding now!? 🙂
We will see…just another hobby in my life!


Puh! Yesterday I got a new couch.
But the problem was, even deforced in two pieces, the couch didn’t fit into my stairway.
So we had a -at least- 5hours session to get this funking couch in the 4th floor without a lift.
Marvin, a friend who helped me was a little but pissed in the end… 😁


Amsterdam, I love you!

I had a beautiful time in Amsterdam. Not thats even a city surrounded by one of my life elements “water”. The sun was shining all day, met one of my best friends their, was jogging, met interesting people, lived on a house boat in Marokko style, went out at night, enjoyed food at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant “fifteen”, had some drinks and beautiful view on the sky lounge outdoor deck above the Hilton Hotel, and many more…
In the end I can just say: Amsterdam I love you!

Bitcoin community

Bitcoin 2014 – conference in Amsterdam

It’s so amazing to see a bit development and popularity in bitcoin business in the last past 5 years.

That’s why I expected a more roughly organized conference with nerdy IT developers.
But instead the conference was professional organized, lot of booths, men in business dress…and even a higher ration I women participated on this international conference.

But the most thing that surprised me: I met interesting people with interesting ideas in terms of helping and changing the world. For example projects with bitcoin payment system for workers in Ghana, to save their money from the government.

And even the social lifestyle of bitcoiners is similar to my yoga community. One I them explained me by dinner, when we shared our meals: “money is not really important. We just love to share everything with everybody!”

Houseboat Amsterdam

Houseboat life in Amsterdam!
During a job on a conference here in Amsterdam I decided to take a houseboat to check how is life on a boat and even in Amsterdam.
The houseboat looks like most of the boats very homely and trashy.
But from inside its amazing: bigger than all hotel rooms, 3 beautiful and individual designed apartments (as Marokko or India) and a lot of space to chill and hang up with friends.
I staying in the apartment Marokko as you can see.
If you plan to visit Amsterdam you definitely have to check this place:

Last day at Vorwerk Deutschland

I am sitting in the train on my way to Amsterdam.
Leaving Vorwerk and my beloved Thermomix team.
I had a really great time there. Will miss the marketing team, the online international Vorwerk, the Thermomix moderation team and even the customer an heavy user of Thermomix on my platforms…

And now I will start a completely new project and business field.

But if I learned one important thing in life, than it’s about coming and creating new things and letting go.