#06 Bangalore Green & Tech

Bangalore Green & Tech.I got a cold. It is very cold here at night (under 10 degrees). I didn’t expect that. But lets check out Bangalore in the next days.

Bangalore is one of the most popular cities for tourists in India. Its named on the one hand as the “Garden City”, because it has a lot of green parks inside, lakes and nature areas which provides calm rest in this hectic city.

On the other hand Bangalore also known as the “silicon valley of India”, and has become famous for its information technology development, not just in India but also in other countries of the world.

All big name international companies are located here: Intel, Vodafone, Sony, Microsoft, JP Morgan, and so on. They stay in closed and secured „Tech Villages“. Where you hardly  get in without a permission.

The city has in interesting mix of people, and is a very traveler friendly place.
Today, the city continues to grow as number of people visiting the place increases over the years.
Amount of citizens: With population more than 8,4 million Bangalore is the third biggest city of India after Mumbai and Delhi.
The main language is English, because of the international business & tourists.

# Lessons Learned today:
Great ideas are incepted in your heart and rising in your mind . Follow your heart, connect to the right people you need for it and work on to make this IDEA BIG!


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